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Sincerely, Yours, Truly 2020
9.3 of 8

Sincerely, Yours, Truly

HD 6.20 87 min
In New York City, Hayley Hammond and Josh Burns have each founded and operate their own somewhat opposing non-profit focusing on providing services for youth, Hayley's, Growing Out, which exposes them to the great outdoors, most specifically gardening, while Josh's, Mainframe, which exposes them to other aspects of tablets beyond games and what they would use one for for homework. They each focus on their respective businesses in overcoming recent heartache of a romantic nature. And beyond the animosity they feel for the other upon a chance initial encounter as well as both businesses eventually working out of the same shared work space, they discover that their businesses are the final two competing for the same $250,000 grant which they both require to move to the next level, with one final pitch to the funders in short order. What Hayley is unaware of is that Josh is the person with who she has slowly fallen in love with, solely in discovering some love letters left by the former tenant of the condo which she has just purchased, he the letter writer signing his name with his online handle of "Techie Poet". Marisol Ivan, the recipient of those letters, was the woman who broke Josh's heart by she having left his life without a word, the last envelope in the pile left at the condo hers which contains what was Josh's grandmother's ring, the engagement ring he gave to Marisol and which Hayley wants to return. The question becomes what will happen between the two, factoring in their businesses, the grant, their existing animosity, and the letters, the latter with the added issue of Marisol being an unresolved issue for Josh and both feeling burned by their last relationships.


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