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Random Harvest

IMDb 8 126 min
World War I has just ended. An amnesiac war veteran, known as John Smith, has just escaped from the Melbridge County Asylum, only there in the first place because of his amnesia and having nowhere else to go. Outside, he is quickly befriended by Paula, a traveling music hall performer who nicknames him Smithy and who wants to nurture his ability to regain his memory. To hide him from the authorities who are after him, she quits her job and takes him out to the countryside. They soon fall in love and despite not knowing his true identity or his past, they get married and start a family. An accidental bump to the head makes Smithy remember his past life as Charles Rainier but he forgets about what happened in his life the previous three years, including his marriage to Paula. Charles returns to his life as a wealthy Rainier and begins his career as head of the Rainier family business. He also plans to marry a longtime family friend, Kitty. But Charles' new secretary, Margaret Hansen, wants Charles to remember the life he left behind with Paula as Margaret is a person who knew Smithy. Margaret's task is made even more complicated when Charles makes her an interesting proposition. Things start to look familiar once Charles makes a business trip to Melbridge.
Drama, Romance
Greer Garson, Henry Travers, Rhys Williams, Ronald Colman, Philip Dorn, Susan Peters, Reginald Owen, Bramwell Fletcher
Mervyn LeRoy
United States
7.4 / 19 times
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