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Episode 2 will come in Nov 03, 2016 - today
1 Pilot
Thursday Oct 27, 2016
Silicon Valley tech titan James Bell enlists Dr. Walter Wallace, an exceptional veteran surgeon with a controversial past, to run his state-of-the-art hospital with an ultramodern approach to medicine.
2 It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Silk Surgery
Thursday Nov 03, 2016
When a young boy’s legs are crushed after being pinned by a car, Malik is determined to use a revolutionary procedure using spider silk to save his limbs, while Zoe lobbies in favor of the safer route of amputation. Also, James, Walter and Talaikha care for Amelia, a young woman in dire need of a liver transplant, but they’re puzzled by her resistance when they tell her the donor is her estranged father, Simon.
3 You Must Remember This
Thursday Nov 10, 2016
When a police officer suffers a brain injury in a car crash and can't remember who he is, James suggests a cutting-edge method to re-code the man's brain to give him back the lost memories from his past and of his wife. Also, the team attempts to help an obese woman with the aid of an appetite suppression sensor, and Zoe tries to erase security footage of her kiss with Malik.
4 Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery
Thursday Nov 17, 2016
When James' beloved elementary school teacher is diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, he tries to employ a risky robotic surgery to save her, an approach with which Walter disagrees. Also, a military veteran blinded in combat and riddled with guilt refuses Zoe and Talikha's high-tech treatment that could restore his vision.
5 Fire and Ice
Thursday Nov 24, 2016
James convinces a hockey player with a severe spinal injury to undergo risky surgery that could enable him to walk again. Also, James invites Walter’s wife, FDA executive Julianna Wallace, to Bunker Hill to persuade her to approve a new skin bio-printing trial.
6 Bunker Hill, We Have a Problem
Thursday Dec 01, 2016
Walter and the Bunker Hill surgeons must perfect a revolutionary remote surgery when someone on the International Space Station needs an emergency procedure. Also, the team uses social media to locate the source of an E. coli outbreak in town; Scott’s secret past is revealed; and Zoe and Malik’s flirtation heats up.
7 A Bunker Hill Christmas
Thursday Dec 08, 2016
9 Grace
Wednesday unknown
10 Hero Worship
Wednesday unknown

Pure Genius

IMDb 7.1 na min/episode
A young Silicon Valley tech-titan enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past in starting a hospital with a cutting-edge, new school approach to medicine.
Dermot Mulroney, Reshma Shetty, Odette Annable, Brenda Song, Ward Horton, Aaron Jennings, Augustus Prew, Cullen Douglas
Jason Katims,Sarah Watson
United States
7.6 / 32 times
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