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Episode 6 will come in Apr 30, 2017 - today
1 Episode 1
Friday Mar 31, 2017
The family get news of their windfall and Tony tries to retain some sense of normalcy by continuing plans for family bonfire night.
2 Episode 2
Friday Apr 07, 2017
Liz and Tony go away for the night leaving hapless Oliver in charge. Harry throws a house party that quickly gets out of hand.
3 Episode 3
Friday Apr 14, 2017
Tony decides it's time to teach his millionaire son the value of money. Liz and Ellie get caught in a sticky situation when they check out a luxury mansion.
4 Episode 4
Friday Apr 21, 2017
The house gets hectic when tech billionaire Trent and his entourage come to stay. Plus, the school disco puts Harry in a predicament. James Van Der Beek stars.
5 Episode 5
Friday Apr 28, 2017
Concerned that Harry needs a break from technology, Tony signs the two of them up to the Wildboys' Wilderness Survival Group.
6 Episode 6
Sunday Apr 30, 2017
Harry and Honc are in trouble when a boy Harry met at computer camp claims he had a hand in inventing the app.

Carters Get Rich

IMDb 5.7 na min/episode
11-year-old Harry Carter creates Honc, a phone app that helps geeky kids like him talk to girls. The app becomes the next big thing and an American billionaire buys it for 10 million pounds turning the Carter family's life upside down.
Kerry Godliman, Rhashan Stone, Sophie Sanderson, Bobby Smalldridge, Rhianna Merralls
United Kingdom
5.1 / 10 times
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